Coastline Traces – Sefton Coastal Path Sculpture Trail


Sea Glass View, number 3 on the trail, stands on top of the sand dunes at Ainsdale and holds glasswork relating to the history of shipwrecks along the coast.

Coastline Traces – a sculpture trail spanning the 22 miles of Sefton Coastline was completed by myself and artist Sian Hughes in 2016.


Wooden Henges, sculpture number 2, is located next to a bridge over a stream in Birkdale sands. It contains wire sculptures inspired by the huge amount of rare and endangered plants that can be found in this area of the coastal path.

Six sculptures have been unveiled at key points along the Sefton Coastal Path, designed jointly by us working with the local community. Each individual sculpture offers a unique creative response to a different aspect of the coastal heritage, history or landscape, offering an creative and informative view of the coast.


Trackway is number 6 and can be found along the path at Hightown heading towards Gormleys Iron Men. Inspired by archaeological digs that have discovered evidence of Neolithic man inhabiting the area.

The sculptures all contain individual artworks developed through a programme of art workshops with the local community working with a variety of mediums.


Sculpture number 1 is the Birdbench located at RSPB Marshside. Using cyanotytpes this piece celebrates the incredible birds that visit the area each.

Phill Gregson, talented local  wheelwright and woodsman brought his formidable skills and experience to help us realize this ambitious project.


Clay Footprint Wall – number 5 and situated in Formby. These modern clay footprints are based on the Neolithic footprints found in the area.

Huge thanks goes to all the groups whom we worked with – Natural Alternatives, Go With The Flow and Free Flow art groups, Creative Alternatives, Bridge Inn Community Farm, Cambridge Road Children Center and Brunswick Youth Club. Special thanks to Verity Pulford Glass artist, Chris Turrell-Watts Ceramicist and photo credits and thanks go to Ted Oonk.


The Lizard Bench -number 4, is located at the bottom of Fishermans path in Formby. Created with mosaics this artwork highlights the beautiful and rare sand lizard that lives on the Sefton coast.

Thanks also to Natural England, The National Trust, RSPB and Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership, with a special mention to Fiona Sunner and John Dempsey for being so wonderful and inspiring to work with.

For more information on this project please visit: Coastline Traces website

This project is part of the Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership (SCLP), which is funded by the Heritage Lottery.




Life Drawing Classes, The Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk

life drawing 1

This evening was Novembers Life Drawing Class at The Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk. I started by getting the class to draw ten one minute sketches with Chris, the model, looking at expansive standing postures and engaging in a fluidity of movement between each pose.  This was a challenging and stimulating  start, encouraging an immediate and intense level of concentration.  The resulting drawings contain wonderful mark making and free gestures which I think can be associated with the aesthetics of Futurism and Vortisim.

 lifedrawing nov13 5

  lifedrawing nov13 1

lifedrawing nov13 3

Drawings by Roger, John and Michael

For the rest of the evening I made the postures longer in duration but more challenging in perspective. A contracted seated posture used a chair as a pivot point over three different directional poses and a standing posture looked at exaggerated  lean onto the left arm to encourage an interesting shoulder angle. The final position was laying up side down with legs raised in the background, head in the foreground and cushions under the ribs to arch the back and protrude the rib cage. Many thanks to Chris for his professionalism and amiability in response to my requests – next time I will try and get you requisite Chaise Longue!

lifedrawing nov13 4

lifedrawing nov13 2

Drawings by Mrs Appleton and Lesley

The next class is on Friday 6th December from 7pm to 9pm and costs £15.00 To book please contact:

Chapel Gallery, St Helens Road, Ormskirk, Lancashire L39 4QR
01695 571328