Arts Award – Inspiring young people to grow their art

  I have been working with young people at The Chapel Gallery and The Atkinson to help them get their Arts Award Discovery and Bronze. Arts Award operates on different levels and offers young people the opportunity to develop their interest … Continue reading

Walk On Exhibition at The Atkinson

Last night was the Private view of the fascinating new exhibition at The Atkinson.

From Richard Long to Janet Cardiff 40 years of Art Walking, this exhibition explores some of the many ways in which artists have approached, experienced and documented walks/walking.

untitled th

Tracy Hanna – Hill Walking

For this exhibition I created an interactive piece of art within the ArtBox to get visitors to consider their journey to The Atkinson. With reference to the work in the exhibition created by Sophia New and Daniel Belasco Rogers in Plan B, visitors are invited to mark their journey along a large map of Southport by threading red yarn through eyelets. The process of considering and contemplating the journeys is explored further by the written notes at the start of each line which give personal accounts of observations and opinions. This piece of work will develop over the duration of the exhibition.

2014-04-12 11.50.35

2014-04-12 12.07.45

2014-04-12 14.51.32

Displayed is photographs and drawings from Marina Abramovic’s epic 90 day walk from the East along the great wall of China to meet her partner, Ulay travelling towards her from the West in The Lovers. I find this incredibly moving especially when contemplating the actuality of hour upon hour of walking with prolonged focus and anticipation of the final goal. Also the poignancy of the meeting of two people, the importance we place on finding the other, how far will we travel? of two becoming one. The couple split up not long after this project which adds a new dimension and line of thought when contemplating the work.


 Julian Opie has gone for little steps, literally. Using computer animation he had documented the walk of a toddler. Taking a photograph every twenty steps the toddler makes, these beautiful images are displayed one after another forming a mesmerizing experience of the journey undertaken.

untitled jo

There is the opportunity to be involved with Mike Collier hosting art walks during the summer along The Sefton Coast. Mike’s work is a fascinating mix of word, spoken word, visual art, sound, photography and happenings along literal journeys and journeys into thought and retrospect. Journeys are recorded and explored in multiple layers leaving an enriched understanding of place and time.

untitled mc

This exhibition is a fantastic collection of work that makes me think, makes me laugh and inspires me to create.  For this a huge thank you to everyone involved and in particular Cynthia Morrison-Bell,  who was inspirational to be around during the set up.

Now, Im off for a walk.

Artist in Residence, The Atkinson, Southport


I have recently been asked to fulfil the role of Art in Residence at The Atkinson Gallery in Southport.

The Atkinson is Southport’s beautiful new home for music, theatre, art, poetry, literature and history, right in the middle of Lord Street in Southport. Significant investment has been made in refurbishing the stunning 19th century buildings, to create a really welcoming multi art-form venue with a strong contemporary feel.

As artist in residence I am charged with animating the ArtBox with launch events for each exhibition, creating and facilitating workshops and art activities for public events, adults and children and for school groups. These activities will tie into the exciting range of exhibitions and theatre productions The Atkinson is hosting.

  Picture 040

Showing until 16th March is the wonderful touring exhibition of Matisse’s later works in cuts out, represented in lithographs. This fascinating exhibition shows some of his most iconic work using this innovative technique.


I recently designed a day workshop for children where we created our own cut out design on the ArtBox wall. The gallery was filled with children and adults who all contributed to the 7ft by 14ft artwork as a homage to Matisse’s cut outs.

Picture 035 Picture 047Picture 062

The day was a huge success with many thanks to the wonderful team at The Atkinson for their support and help throughout. This collaborative piece of work is on display in The ArtBox for the duration of the Matisse Cut Outs exhibition.

For more information on all the fantastic opportunities to get involved with art at The Atkinson please visit their website:

and pop along to show your support for this forward thinking, dynamic creative hub in the heart of Southport.

Coastal Art Workshop at The Atkinson Southport

Coastal Art Workshop at The Atkinson Southport

A fantastic day today working with the Sefton Coast Partnership in The Atkinson Gallery Southport. Based on traditional dry sand painting this drop in. family friendly event facilitated over fifty children working together to create a large floor based piece of art.  … Continue reading