Saturday Art Club at The Chapel Gallery – Drawing workshops

Drawing skills

For this project we went back to basics, observation and mark making. The activities I planned were all designed to get the students to really appreciate expressive and interesting mark making within their drawings. I was particularly interested in encouraging a lively discussion about drawings moving away from purely representational to having a deeper value for process and mark making.


Continuous line drawings, to begin with having the paper hidden, then on black paper focusing on superimposing drawings.

Working on long rolls of paper allows for large scale drawing and interesting compositions

The final part of this project was working from different fabrics, using mixed media including water colours. We were looking at creating large scale work and were aware of different mark making to create texture.


This was a really great and stimulating series of workshops, with each different activity received enthusiastically. Some process’s were challenging but the kids really enjoyed this and were  happily surprised at the outcomes.



Arts Award – Inspiring young people to grow their art

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Christmas Markets and Fairs in the North West


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Here is a taster of some of the events happening this year to get you feeling festive with highlights of some of my favourite artists and designers.

Mollie Brown has a stall at the Manchester Christmas Market which runs until the 22nd of December. You can find her near the town hall

Stylish handmade clothes made with and inspired by vintage materials. All designs are beautifully crafted and demonstrate an innovative and exciting appreciation of contrasting textures, colours, fabrics and patterns.

xmas mollie brown 3 xmas mollie brown 2

Lucy E Wilson  a talented illustrator can be found at The Chapel Gallery Christmas Market in Ormskirk  Exquisite drawings and paintings of wildlife are lovingly depicted and show a wonderful application of paint and pen.

xmas lucy xmas lucy 2

You have another chance to buy Lucy’s work next weekend at The Winters Art Market, St Georges Hall Liverpool  Also showing here is the wonderful Marie Canning Ceramics who creates stunning ceramic sculptures and jewellery.  Delicately formed these precious objects are truly delightful. Showing an admirable sensitivity to shape and form and a strong skill base which results in an exciting approach to ceramic design.

xmas marie 1  xmas maire 2a

Also at St Georges Hall are the fine artists Anna Ketskemety and Vicki Le Bon. Working with concepts that relate directly to their profession practise, both artists have created fantastic unique art work.

Ketskemety creates intriguing drawings and paintings with a rich colour palette demonstrating a highly accomplished creative process and development. Le Bon works with drawn repeated patterns which evolve into compelling abstract images. These intuitive drawings are delivered in exciting formats including inside magnetic circular tins.

xmas anna k  xmas vicki 2

At St Georges Hall you will also find charm and character in abundance in the work of Freida Mckitrick. Beautiful and quirky festive images of Liverpool are celebrated in Freida’s work and produced on cards, baubles and as framed prints.

xmas freida 2  xmas freida 1

If you find yourself in Chester on Sunday 8th December pop into the Double Tree Hilton for the Contemporary Art and Craft Fair where you will find the wonderful work of Verity Pulford Glass and Ceramics.

A beautiful play of shadow and light, fused glass is layered in a technique that heightens your awareness to the rich sensitivity of colour and form that Pulford effortlessly portrays.

xmas vez 1  xmas vez 2

Finally, before all that on Friday 6th December The Williamson Gallery in Birkenhead is hosting Glorious where you can find the unique handmade work of Jackdaw and Jay.

Beautiful shapes with an emphasis towards nature are adorned with  visual references including maps of the locality. The clever use of delicate images with the strong shape designs makes these stunning jewellery pieces real show stoppers.

xmas caz 2  xmas caz 1