Saturday Art Club at The Chapel Gallery – Drawing workshops

Drawing skills

For this project we went back to basics, observation and mark making. The activities I planned were all designed to get the students to really appreciate expressive and interesting mark making within their drawings. I was particularly interested in encouraging a lively discussion about drawings moving away from purely representational to having a deeper value for process and mark making.


Continuous line drawings, to begin with having the paper hidden, then on black paper focusing on superimposing drawings.

Working on long rolls of paper allows for large scale drawing and interesting compositions

The final part of this project was working from different fabrics, using mixed media including water colours. We were looking at creating large scale work and were aware of different mark making to create texture.


This was a really great and stimulating series of workshops, with each different activity received enthusiastically. Some process’s were challenging but the kids really enjoyed this and were  happily surprised at the outcomes.



Get Creative With Sandy Lane – Creative Consultation Workshops and Events

Sandy Lane Free Summer Fun A5sandy lane 1

During the summer 2014 people living and working around Sandy Lane Shopping Centre got involved in West Lancashire Borough Council’s “Get Creative with Sandy Lane” project and made the shopping centre a more colourful and inviting place to shop, work and visit.

 I was commissioned to facilitated a period of creative consultation planned at inspiring people to come up with ideas to improve the image of the centre. I worked with al the children at St Richards Primary school where they created drawing exploring their favourite things about Sandy Lane. I then digitally collaged these images to create large posters.

sl mural3 sml copy

Looking to create a festival feel whilst also gaining feedback I facilitate two days of bunting workshops with the public. Local residents were asked to decorate a piece of bunting with words and images aimed at finding out how they feel about the centre and exploring, in a creative way, how the centre and its surroundings can be improved. These were then hung from the rafters.

sml1sml2   sml4

A great time was had with all ages weaving recyclable materials into fencing to explore ideas of nature, renewable resources and aspirations for a clean and beautiful environment. The finished piece was hung near the car park and really created a joyous bright feel to the railings.


sml3sml5 sml4

A huge thanks for the energy and creative spirit of everyone who participated in this part of this project. I look forwards to seeing Sandy Lane get its well deserved make over.

Life Drawing Classes, The Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk

life drawing 1

This evening was Novembers Life Drawing Class at The Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk. I started by getting the class to draw ten one minute sketches with Chris, the model, looking at expansive standing postures and engaging in a fluidity of movement between each pose.  This was a challenging and stimulating  start, encouraging an immediate and intense level of concentration.  The resulting drawings contain wonderful mark making and free gestures which I think can be associated with the aesthetics of Futurism and Vortisim.

 lifedrawing nov13 5

  lifedrawing nov13 1

lifedrawing nov13 3

Drawings by Roger, John and Michael

For the rest of the evening I made the postures longer in duration but more challenging in perspective. A contracted seated posture used a chair as a pivot point over three different directional poses and a standing posture looked at exaggerated  lean onto the left arm to encourage an interesting shoulder angle. The final position was laying up side down with legs raised in the background, head in the foreground and cushions under the ribs to arch the back and protrude the rib cage. Many thanks to Chris for his professionalism and amiability in response to my requests – next time I will try and get you requisite Chaise Longue!

lifedrawing nov13 4

lifedrawing nov13 2

Drawings by Mrs Appleton and Lesley

The next class is on Friday 6th December from 7pm to 9pm and costs £15.00 To book please contact:

Chapel Gallery, St Helens Road, Ormskirk, Lancashire L39 4QR
01695 571328