Painting and Drawing

I paint and draw to explore the things I see and feel. I am inspired by shape, light, form and colour in the environment. I take these aspects and play with them within my artwork, inquiring into possible and impossible spaces, creating views which are abstract and representational.

The process I employ involves creation and destruction. I work heavily on sections of an image, building up structure and form and then deteriorating them with sanding and scraping back. This introduces an element of accident and a lack of control alongside purposeful and deliberate mark making. I go through this process several times during a piece of work.

I use contrasting elements within my work to create a multitude of possibilities for me to develop further. The process and physicality of mark making is a fundamental part of my practise. I work on my images in multiples, creating diptychs and triptychs which enables me to explore different perspectives. My intention is to suggest movement and a feeling of passing through time and space.