1. I spend a fair deal of time cycling on the Marshes .
    I came across this installation a few days ago and returned to take photos
    and saw the label with your website on it , so I looked there and followed the links.


    Not to take away from the work of yourself and your collaborator , I was disappointed
    at not finding any information about the type of wood and it’s origin .

    Could I suggest that you update the website to include this ?

    Thank you , and thanks for making ” Bird Bench ”


    • Hi Pete,

      thank you so much for your feedback and your suggestion. I agree that it is relevant to have information on the wood for people who are interested – so have updated the page accordingly. We have noticed also that the link on the sign doesnt lead to our blog. In this we maintained a running commentary on all the sculptures from when the wood first came in to the wood yard as felled timber, all the workshops, the making of and installation of the sculptures – plus the experts we met with during our research period. We have now provided a link on the page to lead to this.

      Thanks again for your feedback, we are thrilled that you enjoy the bird bench and took photographs of it. Follow this link to our facebook page where we encourage people to share their photos and experiences of the sculptures, so please feel free to share yours!
      Warm regards
      Sarah Jane

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