Award winning artwork for Morriston Hospital 

Sian Hughes and Sarah Jane Richards – TBIS Commission, Morriston Hospital, Swansea –  Winner of the Chairman’s Award ABMU Health Board 2018

29 PG Close up Lights IMAGECategory: Improving Lives Through Arts in Health Award: Arts as a Pathway to Hope Project – Individuals and teams who have gone above and beyond to develop services and conduct research which improves the lives of patients were recognised at the Chairman’s VIP (Values Into Practice) Awards on Thursday, July 5, at Margam Orangery.

lightboxes detail 4

I was recruited with Sian Hughes to work alongside hospital staff at the Traumatic Brain Injury Service (TBIS) in Morriston Hospital Swansea.

Utilising the important role that art and colour can play, the brief was to create a friendly and positive environment in which to offer support to patients going through the rehabilitation process as well as to engage patients creatively in the project.

8 PG What we Did IMAGESeveral workshops were delivered where patients explored their environment to create works including making impressions in porcelain clay, printing and book making.

Special scoring was used to measure the improvements in patients’ mood and well-being as the workshops progressed.

As well as pieces created individually by the patients who took part, the project resulted in a leaf-themed trans-illuminated artwork in the activity room in their base at the occupational health offices,  and  echoes in the reception area and corridor.

26 PG version 1 Main Wall IMAGE

26 PG Reception corridor Hatch IMAGE

Sian Hughes and I would like to everyone involved especially the TBIS attending participants; the support and enthusiasm of Carole Saunders, CNS Traumatic Brain Injury Service and the expert guidance and  steering of the project by Heather Parnell, Capital Arts Manager. Special thanks also to Frank Moore.

thumbnail_TBIS cYAN WORKSHOPS (16)

1 PG FRONT cover


28 PG Whole Blue IMAGE




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