Cecilia – Laura Ashley Shaun the Sheep

cecilia la shaun

A really fun project I worked on earlier this year was painting Cecilia – Shaun the Sheep for Laura Ashley. A beautiful quilt design featuring some of their most iconic prints.

2015-02-23 06.47.05
Working out the scale and shape of the coat
2015-03-20 06.37.58
Each pattern is handed painted using tiny brushes

2015-04-07 12.58.092015-04-07 12.58.17

2015-04-07 12.57.59
Developing one pattern at a time
2015-05-06 13.46.06
Colour matching


It was great working on such a beautiful project, the Laura Ashley team were fantastic to work with – follow their blog here – http://blog.lauraashley.com/go-see/cecilia-laura-ashley-shaun-the-sheep/

 And pretty Cecilia will be raising money for the Wallace and Gromit Children Charity.





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