The Art Maze, Cheltenham 1st-19th April 2015

2015-03-29 12.58.50

I am thrilled to have been selected to create some walls for an Art Maze that is being built in Beechwood Shopping centre in Cheltenham as a Pop Up Exhibition by The Art Playground.

Based on some previous small paintings, I have created a large scale triptych painted landscape that explores optical illusions and impossible spaces. Through my use of colour and shape I hope to playfully confuse the areas of the maze and question the mazer-goers spatial perceptions.

Large painting tools


Sky painting, sun set

After sketching out the shapes I start to paint in the sky

urban painting

Blocking in some of the shapes

painting buildings

Using a roller and masking tape I paint in the buildings

Art maze installation

Installation at The Art Maze with help from Guy Harvey

the art maze finsihed urban painting

The finished piece, installed and ready for the public

The maze is open to the public from 1st -19th April, displaying artwork by Kristi Minchin, Kathryn Rothery, Hannah Ellis, Suzie Early and Jess Polglaze with the centre piece by Emma Reed.