Saturday Art Club – World Map Project


The first term project for this years Saturday Art Club at The Chapel Gallery was based on a map of the world.

In the beginning we discussed places in the world that the children had personal affinities with – where they may have family living, where they are from, where they had been on holiday or where they would love to go.  We used an atlas and located different countries and discussed if they were well known for anything in particular.


These discussions led to visual interpretations which the children developed in their work. Some had most detail in the sea, some had details in sea and on land whilst others perfected particular painting techniques. We used mixed media – collage, painting and drawing to create personalised maps of the world.


These maps were based on a factual depiction of the world, however creative imaginations took small liberties with new islands popping up here and there. This project was great fun and some really stunning work was developed which the children were thrilled to take home.



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